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Career & Salary Coaching You Need.

The VIP Career Experience is the GAME-CHANGER for career oriented women. Become the master of your career & salary growth.

We've taught 1000s of women How To Land That Dream Job, Get Promoted And Negotiate The Pay They Deserve.
- Now It's Your Turn.
The VIP Career Experience is a coaching and support membership for women looking to grow their career and income. We take the pain and anxiety out of the process and teach you a proprietary and proven method for maximum career growth at a fast-track pace.

The VIP Career Experience teaches you the formula used by highly successful career women to make ultra successful, big career moves, FAST.

These are the very same tools used by women to double their salary, and even negotiate 7 figure salary raises. Now we're sharing these secrets with women at every career level- because they are
for any woman at any career level. 
We're all about the big paycheck and that promotion. Our goal is to get you up and running (more like a sprint) so that you can quickly learn to start knowing and earning your worth. 


Get the Scoop from Olivia
Founder of The VIP Career Experience

Hi There!  

I'm Olivia- your Branding, Career Strategist and Negotiation Coach.
I'm so glad you are here.

I know you are a career oriented woman, and I know that you're ready to take your career and salary to a whole new level. This is why my team and I have put together something really awesome for you, and I think you're  going to love it when you read the details below. 

But let me tell you a little bit of how the VIP Career Experience came to be... 
Having helped thousands of women land their dream jobs and reclaim millions of dollars that would have otherwise been left at the negotiation table, I know there are many courses and trainings out there to help women look for jobs, craft resumes or how to negotiate. But nothing gives you the 1-1 support you need during crunch time AND after the fact... cause let's face it you and I both know your career isn't a thing that just happens once. We are always taking our careers to the next level- otherwise we easily get stuck.

Cause once you get promoted, how do you move up to the next level? How do you continue to move up the career ladder? 

THIS is where we help. We partner with you throughout this journey and hold you accountable to your dreams through thick and thin. 

Of course we give you all the training and tools you need, but you also get to hop on coaching calls where I help you get unstuck, help you optimize or how the heck do you take your next BIG step forward.
My team and I are there with you every step of the way. And unlike many other groups, we are actually THERE every day. My entire team and I are there to support you.

Our goal is for you to achieve YOUR ULTIMATE CAREER AMBITIONS. 

Check the details out below, and I hope to see you in the VIP Career Experience! 

xx Olivia

Let Me Guess Why You're Here

(and we're so glad you are!)
  • You know you are talented, but your company or boss isn't recognizing it.
  • You have all the degrees and certificates on the planet, but not the deserving paycheck.
  • You've asked for a raise or promotion, only to be denied. 
  • ​You know you deserve more, but somehow you are stuck earning less. 
  • You hired a career/resume coach and, well, you're here - So that wasn't a good fit.
  • ​You're ready for a career change but have no idea how to go about it. 
This list could go on. 
Do any of these resonate?

We're An Extension Of Your Career

We are total suckers for big careers and big paychecks.
Show us your resume. Get it reviewed. Bring us your LinkedIn profile. Build leverage and become a recruiter magnet. Flesh out your dream career and go after it. We'll be there to troubleshoot, guide you and support you as you prepare to take over the world! 


Build your career with the VIP Career Experience.

How open are you about increasing your value?  

Timing has never been better to pursue your dream career, yet most women are underpaid, underemployed and overworked.

Just imagine, how would it feel to LOVE going to work every morning, excited because you love what you do, it makes a big difference AND it pays handsomely? 

This is exactly why most women join the Inner Circle: 

We help you define and land your next big career move, and give you the tools so to negotiate what you deserve. 

But if you're looking for fluffy empowerment, you won't find that here. 

As an Inner Circle member, you WILL be held accountable to that greater vision of yourself. 

My team and I are here to help you raise your standard... we believe in your career ambitions as much as you do. 

And we know how to help you get there.

So if you're looking for a quick-fix to find you a mediocre career solution, with a mediocre paycheck, we're probably not the right fit.  





Say you're currently in a job that you kinda hate. You're not enjoying it much... the hours are long. It's keeping you away from your family and the money is NOWHERE NEAR what you would like it to be. 

We've shown you the Inner Circle and you like the idea of it, yet you're not sure exactly what to do. 

As we see it, you have three options:

First, you could look for another job, work on your resume, send out applications, work through interviews and the entire process to perhaps find another employer offering a similar package and more than likely expecting the same kind of work for the same return.

Second, you could do absolutely nothing. Stay exactly where you are right now. Accept that your current circumstances are as good as it gets and just suck it up.

Or third, you could give the Inner Circle a try and work it alongside what you're doing right now and see how far you go. 

Of those three options, what's going to be easier for you?

membership benefits

Just imagine getting absolute clarity on where you want to take your career... and having a road map to actually get you there.  

From getting in the right mindset, to sculpting your dream career and becoming a sought after expert in your field, to giving you the exact resume, cover letter, networking scripts, negotiation tactics and career tools you'll need to land the dream, I've got you covered
You and I will even explore how you can develop additional streams of income with your talents WHILE you work.
UnlockING The Salary Code
* Offer available for a limited time only. 
Regular course pricing is $1997.

When You Join The Inner Circle

Just imagine getting absolute clarity on where you want to take your career... and having a road map to actually get you there.  

From getting in the right mindset, to sculpting your dream career and becoming a sought after expert in your field, to giving you the exact resume, cover letter, networking scripts, negotiation tactics and career tools you'll need to land the dream, I've got you covered
You and I will even explore how you can develop additional streams of income with your talents WHILE you work.
You've got questions, I've got answers. You'll find me rocking up LIVE in the Facebook group for our Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls.
You see, I understand that your career is something that you live in EVERY DAY... we are oftentimes more immersed in work than in our own lives! 

This is why I stay until we've answered ALL your questions and troubleshoot ALL your career conundrums... You've got my team, our community and me in your corner.

Can't make it to the calls? Totally fine. Just email us your question beforehand and I'll make sure to answer it in the LIVE. Just watch the replay. 

Cause it's SO much easier to have a support crew than trying to go it alone! 

Most people know that we thrive best when we have a support crew behind us.
The Facebook Group is an exclusive private group for women participating in the Salary Coaching Inner Circle. This is the perfect place to come for support with your career highs and lows.  
You know how they say behind every strong woman is a tribe of other women? I wholeheartedly believe this to be true. 

By joining the Inner Circle, you immediately become part of our sisterhood of hundreds of other women like us supporting each other through career thick and thin. 


When You Join The VIP EXPERIENCE...

* For International orders we'll deliver the kits via email to your inbox, as we are not snail-mailing abroad yet.
How would it feel if you and I sat down every month in your living room for a check in? Snail-mailing you monthly packs is my way of getting you to disconnect for a few, and reconnect with that greater version of yourself. 

Just imagine taking a few minutes each month to make sure you are on track with your dreams and ambitions...

Why do I write these for you every month? Because I know that the secret to becoming the best version of you, is to hold you accountable to that dream. If you don't keep progressing towards the dream, you will never get there.

So every month, I encourage your to grab a coffee or wine to sip while you indulge in some much needed time to re-center the attention on YOU and YOUR success. 

oNE-ON-ONE ADVISING with olivia
Need to jumpstart change ASAP?
Let's hop on a call in the group and strategize your  negotiation, your resume, career move, business decision. You and I will craft your roadmap on the call, so you have complete clarity when it comes to your next move.

Underpaid? Need a career change or simply need to overhaul your resume and LinkedIn?

I get it that sometimes you need change to happen FAST. You can always request a free live 1-1 coaching session to be carried out in the Facebook group.

This is an exclusive Inner Circle member benefit, you and I get to troubleshoot your situation LIVE when you email our team and ask for a session.

Looking for greater career opportunities or simply looking to create leverage for your upcoming negotiation? 
As part of the Inner Circle, you'll also have access to a GROWING LIST OF RESOURCES, including:

 - My Recruiter Vault and the contact information for my curated (and growing) list with +500 of the 
world's top recruiters for every major industry. 

- My list of Top +250 Professional & Executive Recruiting Agencies and how to connect with them.

- My highest converting resume templates, proven to take people from unemployed or underemployed, to DREAM-employed.

- My list of trigger words that will make you rank higher on LinkedIn AND other Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). 

*No cancellation fees. Though we do require a 25 day notice to cancel your account and the shipping of your mailed monthly packs.*
What Our Members Are Saying...


Tired of distractions that force you to put your career on hold?

Ever wished you could have clear focus, direction and a strategy for your career growth path rather than spinning your wheels?

Imagine an opportunity to watch over Olivia's shoulder every single month and have her support, mentorship and guidance... 

No more doubt, no more confusion... 
No more settling for a mediocre salary, or a career that isn't everything you've always wanted.
Join the country's top career mastermind for women.
Are you ready to LOVE what you do, and start earning that big paycheck?
Too many women embark on this career journey alone, trying to sift through hundreds of strategies and build their careers on their own... Not realizing that the workforce is a very unequal place. 

As a result of all this trial and error, they end up running out of time, money, passion or faith in themselves and they end up settling for less than they deserve when it comes to both their salary and careers. 

After seeing this happen to too many women, Olivia has created an opportunity to learn directly from her most successful strategies every month with a  personal, done-with-you experience that will fast-track you towards success!

All to give YOU the most profitable, supportive and powerful career ahead. 
Do I Qualify?
Here are the basic requirements if you'd like to register...
  • ​I'm underpaid and  I'm not OK with it.
  • I'm READY for a career AND salary growth system that works FAST...
  • ​I want to reclaim money I left at the negotiation table.
  • ​I'm tired of waiting and dreaming about the day my career takes off. I'm ready to take massive action! 
  • ​I'm tired of the inequality in today's workforce... I need a support crew.
  • I want to understand my competitive advantage and capitalize on it.
  • I want to break through my own personal career glass-ceilings.
*No cancellation fees. We only ask that you give us 25 day notice to cancel your account.*
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